messages w/ bare newlines problem

Oliver Sommer oliver at
Wed Apr 16 04:21:41 EDT 2003

First: thank you for your quick answer!
Robert Scussel wrote:
> The one question I have, is that I didn't see anything about null
> characters in messages as not being RFC complient, as far as SMTP goes.
> Is there a reason that LMTP decides that they are, or am I missing where
> it says that they are not complient?
actually I don't know details about the RFCs (and don't have time these days 
to look into them).

<speculation start>
I could imagine that the design of lmtp is derived from smtp. And even if it 
isn't, it makes IMO sense to implement lmtp in a similiar way to smtp.
I believe that cyrus makes such a hassle of NUL-bytes and improper newlines, 
because the developers don't see the point of supporting broken mail clients 
and let them spread. If there are patches that allow the delivery and 
processing of malformed messages, why then these are not included in the 
distribution(one could add a ./configure --option to the distribution)?
<speculation end>

I think the best thing for cyrus was to silently convert LFs to CRLFs and to 
drop/replace NULs. I don't see the point why this could cause problems.

My customer has lots(!) of messages received via an old sendmail/vpopd MTA 
originating from costumers using problematical MUAs. It seems to be 
impossible for now to upload these messages from the netscape mailer to a 
cyrus mailbox(via imap). 
I find cyrus-imap a great software, my customer thinks it it missing some 
important features.
I mean, I am not the only one having these problems...
Do you think I can circumvent this through using cyrus deliver, not lmtp?
Actually I fight the newlines not(yet) the NULs.


> Oliver Sommer wrote:
> > Hello List!
> > I am using the cyrus-imapd version 2.1.11 and postfix 2.0.3 together with
> > lmtp mail delivery.
> > some messages contain formats/characters that are actually not allowed in
> > the RFC. These seem to be NUL characters and the famous "bare newlines".
> > some (broken) mail clients send these mails and some MTA's seem to
> > process them, others don't.
> > in my case, when copying one of these messages to an imap folder, cyrus
> > refuses the action and states "message contains bare newlines".

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