Long Lived imapd processes

Dave McMurtrie dgm+ at pitt.edu
Tue Apr 15 11:06:45 EDT 2003

On Tue, 15 Apr 2003, Earl R Shannon wrote:

> The processes are using resources on a resource limited machine. We are
> looking at all the ways we can reduce the load on the machine. Having a
> client connected for a month and not reading mail is not productive for
> anybody.

All true, but still not something that should be addressed in the server.
As far as RFC compliance goes, as long as the client keeps sending noops,
the server should keep the connection open.

>From this response, however, I guess your initial intent was not to blame
the cyrus server for this behaviour, but to find out how other sites are
dealing with this.  To that end of things, we're not dealing with it.  If
a client wants to stay connected to our server for 30 days without ever
reading a piece of mail, it's allowed to.


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