Installation of Cyrus aggregator using PAM authentication.

Ken Murchison ken at
Wed Apr 16 14:39:33 EDT 2003

Russell Gnann wrote:
> Hello list,
> We are looking at setting the Cyrus Murder implementation in a test
> environment.  We have successfully compiled Cyrus IMAP 2.1.12 and SASL
> 2.1.13 with the --enable-murder option and successfully created a backend
> server that authenticates IMAPD and POP3 correctly using PAM. However, on
> the MUPDATE master server we cannot seem to authenticate to MUPDATE.  We can
> successfully connect to it, but the backend server using mupdatetest writes
> this to the logs
> Apr 16 13:29:00 polmailqa mupdatetest[2332]: No worthy mechs found
> I am obviously missing something in the setup for users in relation to the
> MUPDATE authentication, but for the life of me I have no idea what it might
> be.  Our current Cyrus-IMAP environment strictly uses PAM authentication as
> the mechinism for auththentication...

MUPDATE doesn't support TLS, so you won't be able to use plaintext
authentication methods.  The easiest thing to do is to put an entry for
your mupdate user in sasldb2 and use DIGEST-MD5.

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