Lost cryadm mailadmin password.

Ian B. MacDonald ian at ianbmacdonald.com
Fri Apr 18 19:32:06 EDT 2003

Hey guys,

I have been running cyrus-imapd w/squirrelmail and exim for a couple of
years now. 

I now need to add a second user; Unfortunately, running debian, I was
able to easily migrate my IMAP server to a new box a year ago by just
copying my /var/cyrus directories and imapd.conf and then executing
"apt-get install cyrus-imapd cyrus-admin cyrus-common". Tada; It just
worked once I modified a couple of lines in my exim.conf; No need to do
anything in cyradm.

Sooo; Its been a damm long time since I executed a cryadm command. 
Checking my imapd.conf, I can see the admin user is cyrusadmin; But I
have *NO* idea what the password is.  

Can anybody tell me how to recover this; I checked the docs, and for
some reason I have no "man 8 cyradm". It's not that I believe that the
answer is in my missing man page, but hey, if it is, at least I have
some sort of excuse.

Need to reset this cyradm password for 
"cyradm -user cyrusadmin localhost"


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