Lost cryadm mailadmin password.

Eugene Chow xyrik at ecentrenet.com
Fri Apr 18 20:16:49 EDT 2003

What is your authentication method? If you're using sasldb, use the 
saslpasswd program to reset the admin's password. If it is thru some 
other medium, then use its password changing program to change the password.

>Hey guys,
>I have been running cyrus-imapd w/squirrelmail and exim for a couple of
>years now. 
>I now need to add a second user; Unfortunately, running debian, I was
>able to easily migrate my IMAP server to a new box a year ago by just
>copying my /var/cyrus directories and imapd.conf and then executing
>"apt-get install cyrus-imapd cyrus-admin cyrus-common". Tada; It just
>worked once I modified a couple of lines in my exim.conf; No need to do
>anything in cyradm.
>Sooo; Its been a damm long time since I executed a cryadm command. 
>Checking my imapd.conf, I can see the admin user is cyrusadmin; But I
>have *NO* idea what the password is.  
>Can anybody tell me how to recover this; I checked the docs, and for
>some reason I have no "man 8 cyradm". It's not that I believe that the
>answer is in my missing man page, but hey, if it is, at least I have
>some sort of excuse.
>Need to reset this cyradm password for 
>"cyradm -user cyrusadmin localhost"

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