sieve imap flags and + folder addressing...

Ken Murchison ken at
Tue Apr 22 11:18:59 EDT 2003

Robert Mueller wrote:
> One of our users has reported a problem using the "imapflags" extension
> in sieve and emails addressed to user+folder at I've included
> the email below, and I've been able to reproduce the problem with cyrus
> 2.1.9. Is this a known bug? A fixed bug?

Its not a bug necessarily, but it _is_ a very subtle point.  If a
message is delivered by a fileinto action or keep action to an INBOX,
then the recipient's ACL is checked for correct permissions.  If the
message is delivered by a keep action to a non-INBOX, then the sender's
ACL is checked (so that it is functionally equivalent to non-sieve
delivery).  So, unless your MTA is authenticating (or proxying) to lmtpd
as the recipient, you'll have to tell the user to grant the 'anonymous'
user 'pw' rights.  'p' for posting and 'w' for setting flags other than
\Seen and \Deleted.

Rob, Larry and I are discussing whether this behavior can or should be

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