Antw: Re: Vacation: Sendmail 8.12.8 & Cyrus 2.1.11

Roger Grosswiler Roger.Grosswiler at
Tue Apr 22 10:36:36 EDT 2003

..could this be because of rights???

Apr 21 20:04:52 trinity vacation[30403]: vacation: no such directory /home/roger

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>>> John Alton Tamplin <jtampli at> 04/22 4:16  >>>
Roger Grosswiler wrote:

>i try hard to get up and running vacation on my sendmail/cyrus-configuration. So i downloaded the vacation-programm, installed it, got my files in my directories...and nothing should it, as my linux does not now, when it has to start the vacation program.
>Does anybody know:
>-the params needed in sendmail
>-eventually need params for cyrus
>...if i do not want to use sieve!
>A rookie (how i feel @ the moment after days of research) appreciates any help! thx community!
If you don't want to use sieve for vacation (which I recommend, we 
switched from the old-style vacation to sieve's vacation and everyone is 
much happier), the normal setup is to set the user's .forward file to 
deliver to the vacation program.  There is nothing in cyrus for vacation 
in that case, since it is handled before cyrus gets the message for 
delivery.  See the documenation for vacation.

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