performance of imap_open: is 5-15 secs normal?

Ken Murchison ken at
Wed Apr 23 09:30:09 EDT 2003

Sergey Mukhin wrote:
> As soon as it was mentioned, I have same issue running
> cyrus-2.2 on FreeBSD. At least, it takes about ten seconds
> to authorize pop3 user. Had no time to research that yet;
> it's just slightly annoying.

I agree with Rob, that this is probably a lack of entropy problem. 
Unless you've disabled APOP support in SASL, pop3d needs to create an
APOP challenge for the banner.  If you don't have enough entropy, this
will delay your server's response.

> >>>>> "B" == Bill McCoy writes:
> B> To: "'info-cyrus at'" <info-cyrus at>
> B> Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 14:37:59 -0700
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> B> Hello,
> B> I am hoping to migrate from Exchange to "real" IMAP for an application that
> B> combines normal mail client use with a custom PHP presentation of certain
> B> mailboxes. On a vanilla RedHat 8.0 install on a half-decent machine (dual
> B> PIII 800Mhz, 1gig RAM)  I have removed UW imapd and installed Cyrus from
> B> Simon Matter's RPMs. However, I noted that imap_open is very very slow
> B> against this system, taking close to 5 secs from IIS+PHP running on a
> B> Windows machine on the same local network and a whopping 15 secs from
> B> Apache/PHP running on the same machine (localhost). Whereas it's only .06
> B> secs to imap_open from the same Windows machine against a local (but not
> B> same machine) Exchange server. Other imap calls (imap_getmailboxes,
> B> imap_fetchoverview) are a bit slower against Cyrus than against Exchange but
> [sniff]
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