Shared folders and Outlook

dimon at dimon at
Thu Apr 24 17:49:56 EDT 2003


Now I'm testing shared Filders setup

In my imapd.conf I have
altnamespace: yes
userprefix: Other Users
userprefix: Other Users

So I created Shared Mailbox:
localhost> cm test

When I read man imapd.conf I see there:
postuser: <empty string>
     Userid  used  to  deliver messages to shared folders.
     For  example,  if  set  to  "bb",   email   sent   to
     "bb+shared.blah"    would   be   delivered   to   the
     "shared.blah" folder.  By default, an  email  address
     of "+shared.blah" would be used.

virtdomains: yes

So when I send mail to +test at it doesn't work. What is the 
shared prefix? I tried to send email to +shared.test at but it 
didn't work too.

Another thing is how the shared folders displayed in Outlook Experss:
When I open IMAP filders and Reset List, I see Shared Folders and test folder I 
created, I select test folder and click Show, I see that folder is marked, but 
it doesn't appear in folder list under my account when I close IMAP Folders 
window. It shows there only if I click Go to in IMAP folders window. And the 
other thing with Outlook is that when I click Shared Folders it always gives me 
the error:
Invalid mailbox name

   User name: dmitry
   Protocol: IMAP
   Port: 993
   Secure(SSL): 1
   Code: 800cccd2

Is there a way to avoid that?

Best regards,

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