Shared folders and Outlook

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Thu Apr 24 18:09:38 EDT 2003

dimon at wrote:

>So when I send mail to +test at it doesn't work. What is the 
>shared prefix? I tried to send email to +shared.test at but it 
>didn't work too.
Are you sure your MTA is passing it like that to lmtpd?  sendmail's 
default configuration does not understand a leading + -- I don't know 
what MTA you are using or how it is configured, but that was an issue here.

>Another thing is how the shared folders displayed in Outlook Experss:
>When I open IMAP filders and Reset List, I see Shared Folders and test folder I 
>created, I select test folder and click Show, I see that folder is marked, but 
>it doesn't appear in folder list under my account when I close IMAP Folders 
>window. It shows there only if I click Go to in IMAP folders window. And the 
>other thing with Outlook is that when I click Shared Folders it always gives me 
>the error:
>Invalid mailbox name
>   Account:
>   Server:
>   User name: dmitry
>   Protocol: IMAP
>   Port: 993
>   Secure(SSL): 1
>   Code: 800cccd2
>Is there a way to avoid that?
This problem is that Outlook doesn't handle folders which don't exist 
separately but are just path elements on the way to another mailbox. 
 You can also create a subfolder named a/b/c and Outlook will complain 
that a doesn't exist by itself (when we converted from UW IMAP, we had 
to go in and create the intervening levels in the folder tree, and it 
means that OE users can't use the shared tree or other users tree).

This is a bug in Outlook, although it is conceivable that Cyrus might be 
modified to work around it by always presenting it as if those did exist 
as folders.  It hasn't been enough of an issue here (where most of our 
users use OE) for me to investigate what it would take.

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