Misunderstanding of MUPDATE ?

Christian Schulte cs at schulte.it
Sun Apr 27 22:14:08 EDT 2003

Rob Siemborski wrote:

>>What I would need is a mechanism similar to the mysql replication
>>feature!  Any solutions ?
>Good Luck.
>It sounds like you misunderstand the murder concepts, I suggest you read:

thanks for your answer. There are still some things I do not quite 

 From section 2.1:
The backend servers serve the actual data and are fully functional 
standalone IMAP servers that serve a set of mailboxes. Each backend 
server maintains a local mailboxes database that lists what mailboxes 
are available on that server.
Once the local aspects of mailbox creation are complete, the mailbox is 
activated on the MUPDATE server, and is considered available to any 
client through the frontends.

So what does that mean for the backends exactly ?
Are all mailboxes from all backend servers accessible through the 
backends or is the whole murder only accessible through the frontends ?
So users connecting to the wrong backend cannot access theire mailbox 
and get an error ?
Only frontend-servers proxy for all backends and one backend-server 
alone does not proxy for other backends and pushes local changes to the 
mupdate master to make the changes available for the frontends ?

Thanks for your help!


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