Bug in fetchmail 6.2.1 - please take a look!

Christian Schulte cs at schulte.it
Sun Apr 27 20:51:30 EDT 2003

Neal Lippman wrote:

>OK, now I'm pretty convinced there is a bug in fetchmail. Hopefull some
>maintainers do read this mailing list, and so can take a look at this
>and/or discuss with me. I'm cc'ing the debian list because that's what I
>use, and cyrus because it affects my forwarding of emails into
>cyrus-imap as well.
>I'm seeing the same behavoir in both the version with fetchmail in
>debian stable (5.9.11) and debian testing (6.2.1), and I am fairly
>convinced that this is a bug. At the least, the behavoir doesn't seem
>The long and short of it is the following. Here is a line from my
>.fetchmailrc, altered a bit (passwords removed, for instance):
>poll mail.lippman.org protocol pop3 user "testuser" pass "testpass" is 
>	"test" smtphost "/var/imap/socket/lmtp"
>This line should retrieve mail from my pop3 server and forward it via
>lmtp to a socket which cyrus-imap's lmtp daemon is listing on.
>If I send multiple messages to this email account, then then invoke
>fetchmail to retrieve them, the first message is lost. This is true no
>matter how messages are waiting for retrieval when fetchmail runs; the
>first is always lost (if there is only one message waiting, it is of
>course lost). The reason is that fetchmail tries to forward the first
>message to "test@/var/imap/socket" which fails, because the lmtp daemon
>(correctly) notes that this is incorrect syntax for an email address.
>Fetchamil seems to pick up on this error (although the log does not
>indicate that it is doing so), because all subsequent messages are then
>fowarded to "test at localhost" which the lmtpd accepts. This behavoir, as
>mentioned, occurs with 5.9.11 AND 6.2.1 versions. 
I cannot confirm that behaviour!

smtp:/etc/default# dpkg -l fetchmail
ii  fetchmail                              
5.9.11-6.2                             POP3, APOP, IMAP mail 
gatherer/forwarder (crypto-crippled binary)

smtp:/etc/default# cat /etc/fetchmailrc
set syslog
poll somehost.tld proto IMAP user "someuser" is cs at schulte.it password 
"xxxx" fetchall flush smtpname cs at schulte.it smtphost /var/imap/socket/lmtp

It works for me! cs at schulte.it is a cyrus-2.2 mailbox. User cs in 
cyrus-virtual-domain schulte.it. fetchmail does not loose any messages 
for me but my fetchmailrc differs in yours that my local users already 
contain a @domain part. I tested to see if that maybe a problem and 
changed cs at schulte.it to root. In syslog I could see lmtpd trying to 
append the message to the root account. Because that account does not 
exist delivery cannot work.

Apr 28 02:45:02 smtp lmtpunix[1602]: append_check() of 'user.root' failed

I think this also shows that delivery to the account whould have worked 
if the account would have existed and because of this mail being the 
only one fetched fetchmail works!


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