SMTP Auth issue

Christian Schulte cs at
Wed Apr 30 12:17:28 EDT 2003

Dave Carrera wrote:

>Hi All
>I don’t know where this is to do with Cyrus but here we go anyway.
>Our server demand authentication before outgoing mail is sent. This works
>with various email clients we have tested on a few different OS's.
>So we can say that SMTP auth works.
>But we allow people to use Php and asp on our various web servers which both
>have an internet email function. Phps one is called mail() and the ASP on is
>Both of this are able to send to the smtp server WITHOUT auth.
>I have looked at both products help resources but there seem to be no ref to
>forcing genuine auth before send.
>Should this be possible or do we need to do something to force our users to
>send smtp auth?
Maybe this is helpful:

I am using squirrelmail as a webfrontend and squirrelmail is written in 
php and squirrelmail can use SMTP-AUTH! I do not know how it is done 
internally in squirrelmail so maybe just download squirrelmail and take 
a look at the sources how it is done with php !


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