SMTP Auth issue

Alexander Skwar lists.ASkwar at
Wed Apr 30 13:06:24 EDT 2003

Dave Carrera wrote:

> Both of this are able to send to the smtp server WITHOUT auth.

PHP's mail() can't do SMTP AUTH.  If you want to use SMTP AUTH with PHP,
you've got to use one of the email sending classes, like PEAR's Mail
which is included with PHP.

> Should this be possible or do we need to do something to force our users to
> send smtp auth?

Yep, you need something.

If you want to force your users, disable the mail() function by
modifying php.ini and adding "mail" to the "disable functions" list.
You won't need the mail() function for sending mail via SMTP.

Besides, the Mail class provides your users with far more flexibility
then plain mail().

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