Cyrus Cannot Delete Mailbox

adam at adam at
Wed Sep 11 16:57:44 EDT 2002

>Read the source, Luke, read the source.  The docs specifically state
>that admins cannot delete mailboxes without first setting the "d" ACL on
>the box.  

>>sardine> setacl user.ksikkema.steelcase cyrus ad
>>sardine> dm user.ksikkema.steelcase
>>deletemailbox: Permission denied

>man cyradm 
> """dm"" mailbox
>   Delete the specified mailbox.
> Administrators do not have implicit delete rights on
> mailboxes.  Use the setaclmailbox command to grant the "d" permission to
> your principal if you need to delete a mailbox you do not own."

>> I've got my Cyrus IMAP test install up and flying 
>> (temporarily on port 7777 so as not to bother the UW IMAP 
>> server currently in use).  It is fast and works great.  But 
>> I've got one problem.  I can't delete mail boxes.
>> $cyradm --user cyrus --server sardine --auth plain --port 7777
>> sardine>lm
>> ...
>> user.ksikkema.steelcase (\HasNoChildren)                      
>> user.mhuisman (\HasNoChildren)                                
>> sardine> dm user.ksikkema.steelcase
>> deletemailbox: Permission denied
>> sardine> setacl user.ksikkema.steelcase cyrus ad
>> sardine> dm user.ksikkema.steelcase
>> deletemailbox: Permission denied
>> User "cyrus" has god-like power, yes?  Any tips on my I can't 
>> remove boxes would be much appreciated.

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