Mail not processed for some users.

Adam Soltan adamsoltan at
Wed Dec 4 03:16:37 EST 2002


I have a wierd problem (bug?) in my Postfix-Cyrus mail
system. When mails arrive for a number of users they
seem to be ignored. Postfix receives them and
apparently tries to pass them to Cyrus through lmtpd.
But it seems that Cyrus never accepts these mails.
Following error messages appear in the maillog:

 ... postfix/lmtp[32720]: E2E6F4BB40: to=<...>,
 relay=/public/lmtp[/public/lmtp], delay=249115,
 status=deferred (lost connection with /public/
 lmtp[/public/lmtp] while sending end of data --
 message may be sent more than once)

The messages will go into deffered queue and will be
dropped alltogether evetually (with an appropriate
message to the sender).

The 'delay' part might be a clue but the problem is
that the delay is sometimes down to under 200 while
at the same time other users work fine even if they
occasionally get large delays too. When we tried to
remove the mailbox directory the error message stayed
the same which in my opinion should meen that Cyrus
never even tries to access the mailbox.

We are using postfix 1.1.3 and mysql 11.15 Distrib
3.23.41. I'm not sure about the versions on the Cyrus
software. All I could find was cyrus-sasl-2.1.5 and
cyrus-imapd-2.0.16. We have some 200 users and the
problem appears for 2 of them and concernes every mail
that is sent to them.

Any clues?..


/Adam Soltan, jr.
(adamsoltan at

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