problems running tools/mkimap during a compile/install

Aaron Baff darkobject at
Thu Dec 5 15:31:35 EST 2002

I'm trying to compile cyrus-imapd 2.1.11(even with
2.1.09 and 2.1.10), and when I run the tools/mkimap
during the install process where it says to, I get the
following error message: 
can't open /etc/imapd.conf at (eval 1) line 15, <DATA>
line 82.
every single time. I have a /etc/imapd.conf(with the
default basic config specified in the install readme),
and i've tried even having it chmod 777 or chowned to
the user the imapd was compiled to. anyone have any
idea? I'm running debian testing/unstable with kernel

darkobject at

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