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Lawrence Greenfield leg+ at
Thu Dec 26 00:05:52 EST 2002

--On Tuesday, December 10, 2002 4:18 PM -0400 "Marc G. Fournier" 
<scrappy at> wrote:

> What are they, and how do you clean them out?
> I have stuff dating back to march 19th in there:
>  Mar 19  2002 27181-1016554210
> just delete, or is there somethign I should be fixing?

Most likely cause is either (a) a bug in lmtpd and it isn't cleaning up 
after itself or (b) lmtpd is crashing or (c) you're shutting down the 
server while it's in the middle of delivering a message.

None of these are a particularly big deal. (b) would be the worst but you'd 
probably notice it if it was happening a lot.

You can just remove these; these should all be very transitory, so anything 
older than, say, an hour can be safely nuked.


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