how to rebuiild mailboxes.db ?

Mike Cathey mpcathey at
Thu Dec 12 20:22:07 EST 2002

On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 18:20, Lawrence Greenfield wrote:
> You shouldn't do this. Use the rename command inside of cyradm or any
> IMAP client.

Thank you for replying. :)

I was trying to simulate things that could happen during (ab)normal
operation (e.g. fs corruption).  I am aware of and use cyradm as well as
the blessed Mail::IMAPClient module from CPAN.

> You can (using cyradm) delete the old mailbox name and create the new
> mailbox name. You then want to reconstruct the mailbox, which you can
> either do from cyradm or by running /usr/cyrus/bin/reconstruct.

I will play with reconstruct some more, but I don't think I could even
fire up cyradm once mailboxes.db was corrupted.

> Why should they work? Mucking around with the mail spool is like
> editing internal data structures.

You're right.  I was merely sharing my experience with the BDB backend
during testing.  I expected it to break things.  When filesystems get
corrupted they break things too.  I just wanted to see how easy it would
be to recover from because my neck will be on the chopping block if it
breaks in production (and I can't fix it). :)

Again, I appreciate your informative response.  Have a great week(end)!


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