cyrus 2.2 status

Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Dec 12 20:31:41 EST 2002

Jure Pecar wrote:
> Hi all,
> what is the current status of the cyrus 2.2 cvs branch? judging by the cvs
> commits lately, there are just various little cleanups here and there ... is
> there anything big left on the TODO list for 2.2?

I addition to what Rob already mentioned, there needs to be more work
done on documenting the virtdomain support and tying some loose ends.

I'm also doing more work on the NNTP support.  I started working on a
nntpproxyd for Murder, but got sidetracked consolidating the client side
authentication code that is present in each of the current proxies (some
of which was committed today).  Documentation of the NNTP support needs
to be done to replace the legacy Usenet stuff which isn't even
functional anymore.

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