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Dave McMurtrie dgm+ at
Wed Dec 11 11:37:52 EST 2002

On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Richard Gilbert wrote:

> We are providing a webmail service to this year's new students (< 8000)
> based on IMP.  I am running Cyrus imapd version 2.1.9 with Berkeley DB
> 3.3.11 on a Sun 420R with 4 x 450 MHz processors and 4Gbytes of memory,
> but it is on its knees at busy times.  Now maybe the hardware isn't beefy
> enough for the load which IMP puts on the server, but I was given the
> impression that because Cyrus is so very efficient it would not be a
> problem.

We didn't want webmail to kill our imap server, so we wrote a caching
proxy server.  If a webmail client wants to make a cajillion (I think
that's a real number, by the way) connections to our server, the proxy
only has to create one.

We're using it, and a handful of other sites might be using it, too.  If
you're interested, you can grab it from:

It's not autoconf'd, it will only build on Solaris, and it has some
site-specific stuff in it.


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