Quota questions

Aidan Evans ae at is.dal.ca
Wed Dec 11 11:40:26 EST 2002

(1) Why does the documentation for the quota command say

	Running quota with both the -f option and mailbox-prefix arguments
	is not recommended.

I would like to be able to run "quota -f user/abc" and have the quota for
user "abc" quickly fixed which I infer from

	If any optional mailbox-prefix arguments are given, the quota
	listing (and inconsis- tency fixing) is limited to quota roots with
	names that start with one of the given prefixes.

is what will happen, but this documentation conflicts with the recomendation.

(2) How much impact is it to run "quota -f" just any time.  The code in
    quota.c has a comment

     * Lock mailbox list to prevent mailbox creation/deletion
     * during the fix

which suggests that users may have problems creating new folders while
quotas are being fixed.  I'm guesing the answer is an "it depends" one, in
which case I'm looking for experience answers.

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