ctl_cyrusdb -r takes too long

Jatin Nansi jatin.nansi at timesgroup.com
Wed Dec 18 02:12:29 EST 2002

Lawrence Greenfield wrote:

> --On Saturday, December 14, 2002 5:50 PM +0530 Jatin Nansi 
> <jatin.nansi at timesgroup.com> wrote:
> [...]
>> Will ctl_cyrusdb -r take 10 hours ? I dread the day when the system will
>> need downtime again.
>> This is on a decent 2 x P3 1 GHz with 100 GB scsi raid and 1 GB RAM,
>> about 2000 users, 50 MB per user.
>> I really need reboot times to be between 5 to 10 minutes, as against 10
>> hours. I will set the checkpoint period to 5 minutes as per the FAQ, but
>> are there any other pointers ?
> The amount of time a Berkeley db recovery should take it proportional 
> to the number of transactions since the second to last checkpoint. The 
> more frequent the checkpoints and the less the trransactions, the 
> faster recovery should go.
> 10 hours is an absurdly long time for the databases the size & 
> activity Cyrus stores in Berkeley db. I would make sure that database 
> checkpointing is happening regularly.

Well yes, after this incident I have changed the checkpoint interval to 
5 min.

> How many megabytes of log files do you have? Cyrus should 
> automatically prune the log files down, so there should never be more 
> than 20 megabytes or so in the db/ directory.

Today the db directory size is about 16 MB. On the day of reporting, the 
size of db/ was 217 MB. The full size of config_dir was 650+ MB. So I 
guess that was the reason.

> Larry

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