Problem with Cyrus imapd ( lmtpd ? )

Þór Sigurðsson tosi at
Fri Dec 13 11:20:56 EST 2002


I have installed the following software on a Solaris 9 machine:

	Cyrus-IMAP 2.1.10
	Cyrus-SASL 2.1.9
	Berkeley-DB 4.1
	OpenSSL 0.96g
	DES 4.04

I use Sendmail 8.12.6 for SMTP transfers.

I'm having the following problem:

When a user tries to transfer a mailbox from his local machine to the 
imap server via imap,
the process hangs after about 6000 messages transferred.

There seems to be no apparent reason, the mailbox itself opens up fine 
in mutt.

I ran into the same problem while transferring another users mailbox 
via deliver.

I'm using lmtpd and a socket to communicate between it and sendmail.

For some time everything *seems* to be OK, imap still works and 
delivery takes place, but the frozen
session is still frozen. Then all of a sudden delivery stops with 
"Deferred: Connection refused by localhost"

I'm just using shadow for authentication, and I have checked the 
binaries and libraries, and they _are_ linked against
the Berkeley DB. There isn't even any other /usr/lib/libdb*.so*

Could anyone guess what might be killing my server ? I have now only 14 
days before I'm supposed to move 13 thousand users
to it, and I'd rather not having it crash on a whim :-)

	Tor Sigurdsson

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