cyrus-2.2-cvs: virtualdomains and sendmail virtusertable (cyrusv2 as local mailer)

Joe Rhett jrhett at
Mon Dec 23 17:27:21 EST 2002

Christian, I really can't provide basic support for you on this problem.
But rest assured that we are doing everything you are trying to do without 
any modifications to proto.m4.

I really think you are over-working the problem.  Virtusertable can easily
map a name to a local alias (as you suggest), which can then specify names
inside the domain on the right hand side.  The recursion problem can be 
solved using 
in your .mc file.

There's no brain surgery here, and your fixes to proto.m4 are just going to
cause you more trouble down the road.

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 01:46:01PM +0100, Christian Schulte wrote:
> >You can't do multiple targets in the virtusertable; to accomplish 
> >that, you need to create a local alias that expands into the two 
> >targets, and then have the virtusertable entry map to the alias.  For 
> >example:
> >
> >>>Virtusertable:
> >x at    alias_x
> >y at    local_a
> >z at    local_b
> >
> >>>Aliases:
> >alias_x:    y at,z at 
> And that is my problem! The entries alias_x, local_a, local_b are 
> getting expanded to alias_x at local-host-name etc.. So after processing 
> virtusertable there will never ever be a user which sendmail recognizes 
> as being local because of the @local-host-name part and so after 
> processing virtusertable, aliases will not be expanded any more! I 
> patched proto.m4 to add the @domain part to every local user so that 
> cyrusv2 mailer is able to deliver mail! What I now will have to do is to 
> not add a domain to local users for which an alias entry exists. (These 
> local-users are not really users but aliases!) I think that will not be 
> that hard to do, but I had not have enough time to do it right now! By 
> the way: Do you have a solution for catchall accounts like "@domain    
> account at domain" ? That is something I really do not want to miss because 
> all the tons of spam mails now go to the postmaster (me) for all domains 
> and not to the catchall-accounts!
> But maybe I misunderstood your solution:
> You did not patch anything at all ? You simply deliver mail to 
> local-users to an entry in the aliases.db and do not have entries for 
> domains with accounts in virtusertable at all ?
> So you have it like:
> virtusertable:
> @domain    local_deliver_to_account_at_domain
> aliases:
> local_deliver_to_account_at_domain:    account at domain
> Would such a setup work at all ? Would account at domain not beeing 
> redirected to sendmail itself again and would endup in an infinite loop ?
> --Christian--

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