Case Sensitivity

Scott Smith scott at
Mon Dec 23 17:43:23 EST 2002

Hmmm, with 2.2 out of CVS, uppercase username works just fine...


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On Mon, 23 Dec 2002, Vernon A. Fort wrote:

> With the current release of cyrus-imapd-2.1.11, is there now case
> sensitivity on the lmtp delivery.  With 2.1.10 and previous version, I could
> email VFORT and well as vfort and it would be delivered.  I just (today)
> reinstall our mail server from:
> 	Cyrus-2.0.16 to cyrus-2.1.11 using the same version of postfix.
> I simply copied the mailboxes.db file from the var/imap to the /var/lib/imap
> and restarted the server.  This was a fresh install.  I have worked with
> previous 2.1 version and have not seen this feature.  Is there any way to
> get around this other that having multiple aliases entried....?
> All I get is user unknown....
> Andy
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