Return-path header control

Oleg Derevenetz oleg at
Tue Dec 17 11:17:56 EST 2002

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

> Well, this Return-path issues got me thinking a bit about the issue...
> I could write code to add a configuration option to Cyrus so that it
> has two methods to deal with return-path:
> 1. Override (should be the default one): trash any return-path headers
>    in the message, and add ours (from -r or MAIL FROM:)
> 2. Add:  Add our return-path header _if_ there ins't already one in there.
>    Messages with more than one return-path header are in error.

I think that second behaviour must be by default.

> Also, should messages with multiple return-paths be flagged as illegal? The
> RFCs seem to imply that only _one_ return-path header is allowed.  Doing
> this could cause severe headaches for people with spools with broken emails
> with more than one (which I think is a fairly common problem).

No, they shouldn't.

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