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I don't know a thing about vpopmail, but I can tell you this.  I too 
have RH-v7.3 and  hands-down the best HOW-TO that I've seen for Cyrus 
install (w/postfix) is Luc de Louw's document 
(  After fumbling unsuccessfully with 
Cyrus for two years (I'm a total newbie/hobbyist), I found his document 
and followed it line-by-line and was successful due to it's clarity and 

However, with this being said, his document does not cover Red Hat 
specifically, so you'll have to do quite a few mods and create some 
symbolic links here and there.  If you got this route, here are some 
tips.  By the way, my total install was:
(Apache 1.3.26 w/php support + MySQL-Max + SASL + Cyrus + Postfix + 
Squirrelmail + Cyrus-Web-cyradm)

* Do NOT use rpms.  Only install from binaries.
* Remove ALL relevant rpms FIRST, from your RH installation.
* DO NOT use Luc's instructions for MySQL.  Follow their install notes 
* Test it out on your own account alone for a couple solid weeks as all 
sorts of small nit-picky things pop up.


On Monday, December 16, 2002, at 09:37  AM, Nuno Miguel Pais Fernandes 

> Hello
> I'm having problems installing Cyrus imap.
> I have a Redhat 7.3 and i'm trying to install it from source.
> Can anyone point me to some howto because the tldp's one is very old.
> After installing i'm planning to use vpopmail's authentication.
> Can anyone help me in one of these steps..
> Thanks
> Nuno Fernandes
> -- 
> Nuno Miguel Pais Fernandes <npf at>
> Eurotux S.A.
> <signature.asc>

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