issues with conversion from UW Imap

Lawrence Greenfield leg+ at
Sat Dec 21 18:24:06 EST 2002

--On Saturday, December 21, 2002 3:01 PM -0500 "John A. Tamplin" 
<jtampli at> wrote:

> Quoting Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at>:
>> Is there a reason for not using a shared-memory interface for Cyrus to
>> allow
>> all imapds serving a mailbox to share flag state?  Maybe a long-living
>> daemon akin to idled that stores the seen state, or using IPC and real
>> shared memory maps.

Obviously the same mechanisms that allow the global flags (\Answered, 
\Deleted, et al) to be updated in "real time" could be used for seen state. 
Seen state modification is just more frequent. The storage format Cyrus 
currently uses for seen state is also a little goofy (similiar to .newsrc 
style) and takes somewhat more effort to encode/decode to than a bit string.

Drastic rearchiteching isn't required, just some thought to make it check 
the seen database at appropriate times.

> Well, I think it goes back to the "be liberal in what you accept and
> conservative in what you send" rule.  The users who have been happily
> receiving these messages aren't going to appreciate a response of "Well,
> they don't follow the standard, get Yahoo (etc) to fix their problem --
> until then live without those messages", so for me I need to accept them.
> I have a solution that works for now (stripping them in my delivery
> program), but it seems like this out to be a standard option.

I feel that message fixup is a good MTA task, like virus scanning or MIME 
reencoding. Sendmail already has a mailer flag to indicate whether or not a 
mailer can accept NULs (though I don't remember what it does if a message 
comes in with a NUL and the destination won't take it).


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