issues with conversion from UW Imap

Jay Levitt jay at
Sat Dec 21 15:46:21 EST 2002

> how much of a performance hit would be taken to just add code like this at the end of cmd_fetch 

You are my hero!  Gonna try this out. 

> One OE 6.0 user reported seeing really strange behavior where occasionally messages would 
> show as deleted in OE (never having been read), and when she tried to view the message it gave 
> an error saying the message no longer existed.  Other mail clients accessing the same mailbox 
> while this was happening saw the messages with no difficulties, and deleting the account and 
> recreating it in OE made them visible again.  

I haven't seen this on Cyrus yet, but it happens all the time to me on UW imapd.  It seems to be a bug in OE related to error handling.  UW imapd (using mbox format) gets very confused when OE opens multiple sockets on the same folder, and usually drops one of them.  Sometimes, when that happens, OE thinks the message has been deleted from the server.  It can also happen if you try to read a message after OE has fetched the headers but before it's actually fetched the body.

You don't have to delete and recreate the account to work around the problem; simply drag the offending message to another folder and back, then purge deleted messages in both folders.  

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