Problems creating mailboxes in 2.1.x

John A. Tamplin jtampli at
Mon Dec 23 12:19:18 EST 2002

Matt Sealey wrote:

>I've just set up my 2.x server and it's working great (authenticating and
>so on.. the most annoying part :) apart from mailboxes and folders.
>From a clean system (cleaned out folders, ran mkimap), if I log in as
>"cyrus", run cyradm, and cm user.bob, when I look at the list of
>folders in Outlook, I get
>Shared Folders
>   user.bob
>Which is odd.
>If I telnet in, and do the following:
> LOGIN bob sesame
>I get
> NO Mailbox does not exist
>Surely the user's INBOX is created as user.bob? I am currently reading
>through the Managing IMAP book and whatever small amount of documentation
>there is online. I used to run a 1.5 system which worked fine enough
>until I decided Linux wasn't for me and FreeBSD would suit better for
>performance and so on. I actually wonder if there is some difference
>between 1.5 and 2.1 mailbox stuff that would explain this behaviour?
If you are using unixhierarchysep, then you would do cm user/bob.  It 
sounds like you have unixhierarchysep set so the mailbox user.bob is a 
shared mailbox at the top level unrelated to bob's INBOX.

John A. Tamplin
Unix Systems Administrator

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