Trouble with Cyrus IMAP on FreeBSD

Hajimu UMEMOTO ume at
Tue Dec 24 00:05:59 EST 2002


>>>>> On Tue, 24 Dec 2002 03:30:15 +0000 (GMT)
>>>>> Darren Joy <darrenj at> said:

darrenj> with saslauthd disabled and pwcheck instead - partially successful, can
darrenj> create entries in sasldb, can run cyradm, create mailboxes, log into IMAP
darrenj> or POP from localhost, all working, except; access from elsewhere gets me
darrenj> a terminated connection, or the wrapper twist "you are not allowed to use
darrenj> <pop3|imap> from" even though there are "pop3d : ALL : allow"
darrenj> and "imapd : ALL : allow" entries in hosts.allow. By adding at the top
darrenj> of hosts.allow "ALL : ALL : allow" it will work, but that kind of defeats
darrenj> the point of having wrappers... Looking through the docs doesn't suggest
darrenj> anything else that needs a clause in hosts.allow, so I am at a loss as to
darrenj> what's missing. I don't use sieve, disabled in cyrus.conf so I don't think
darrenj> it's that, adding a clause for lmtpd hasn't helped either.

Please try:

	imap : ALL : allow
	pop3 : ALL : allow


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