Trouble with Cyrus IMAP on FreeBSD

John A. Tamplin jtampli at
Tue Dec 24 07:29:59 EST 2002

Darren Joy wrote:

>Now, my problem is with authentication, details :
>As before, I can add to sasldb without problem using saslpasswd, and list
>the users from it with sasldblistusers, see :
>user: admin realm: mech: PLAIN-APOP
>user: admin realm: mech: DIGEST-MD5
>user: admin realm: mech: PLAIN
>user: admin realm: mech: CRAM-MD5
>permissions on sasldb are :
>-rw-r-----  1 cyrus  mail  49152 Dec 24 02:14 /usr/local/etc/sasldb
For Cyrus 2, you need to use SASL2.  Ie, saslpasswd2 and sasldblistusers2.  

>Clearly I need some PAM entries, but as for the MD5 methods? Something
>wrong with SASL?
For PAM, I assume you are running saslauthd with -a pam, right?  As for 
the specific /etc/pam.d/* or /etc/pam.conf (wherever it is stored on 
BSD) entries, both Linux and Solaris have default definitions which are 
used when the given service name isn't listed, and those work for me.  I 
don't know how PAM is setup on BSD, and the names of modules are likely 
to be very different (Linux and Solaris are both quite different).  You 
should be able to duplicate the login auth section for imap and pop3 and 
tweak from there.

John A. Tamplin
Unix Systems Administrator

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