SASLAuthD keeps dying.

Oliver Jones oliver at
Sat Dec 28 20:48:50 EST 2002

> > Anyway can anyone help me!!  I'm desperate here.  I've been trying to
> > identify the source of the problem with a debugger but not having much
> > luck.
> Is saslauthd dumping core?  If not, then you might have to use 'ulimit'
> to set the core file size to something other than 0.  Something like the
> following should get you a core, assuming that saslauthd actually tries
> to dump one:

True.  The ulimit is probably stopping it dumping core.

> cd /tmp
> ulimit -c unlimited
> saslauthd -a pam &
> My guess is that saslauthd itself isn't the problem, and the PAM
> module(s) are.

I think it is the TLS support of pam_ldap that is causing the core
dump.  I ran saslauthd in a debugger and it seg faulted in which is part of openssl.

The interesting thing is that all my other pam related apps arn't
dumping core or crashing and they are all using TLS to talk to the LDAP
server via pam_ldap.  So it must be some interaction between pam, LDAP
and saslauthd that is causing the issue.


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