[ECE PhiBar] Super important ECE Phi

Boris Lipchin blipchin at ece.cmu.edu
Wed Mar 18 14:52:48 EDT 2009

If you put 23 people in the same room there is over a 50% chance that 
two of them will share a birthday. However, if you put 23 people in a 
room, there is also a greater than 50% chance that they will share a 
beer, especially if that room is in a bar. Come, study the mysticisms of 
the theory of probability today at 10:00pm at Phi Bar. The calculation 
we will be performing today is: "What are the odds that Saint Patrick's 
happens on the day before my birthday". What other interesting 
calculations can be performed with beer when it's $7.00 for a pitcher?


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