[ECE PhiBar] Start of a Dynasty

Douglas Robl drobl at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Feb 19 23:32:07 EST 2008

Hey Everyone,

As some of you may know, last Friday was the Mr. Engineer competition.  
Following in the heels of Bowei Gai, Boris Lipchin successfully 
represented our department and come home with the Mr. Engineer crown.  
In other news, SWE is thinking about not letting Susan Farrington judge 
the Mr. Engineer competition again (just joking, but seriously).  Since 
I know most of you were not able to make it to the competition, I wanted 
to reproduce Boris' introduction into the competition just so you could 
all read it:

Mr ECE is junior Boris Lipchin.  A student by day, Boris fourier 
transforms at night into a veritable engineering superhero.  Among 
Boris' many superpowers are his ability to divide by zero and 
dereference null.  He also is known to have super strength, not by any 
supernatural consequences, but by the fact that he works our constantly, 
where he is known to his fellow gym-goers as "The LC Tank."  His super 
strength allows him to run at speeds near the speed of light.  One time 
he ran backwards and time reversed.  That very same occasion, Boris met 
up with then not-so-famous computer architect Gene Amdahl.  Boris found 
him to be too stupid and so kicked him in the face so hard that Mr. 
Amdahl thought he was being kicked by many legs in parallel, inspiring 
him to create his famous law.  Boris is also very popular with the 
ladies.  It is not because he is good looking, but because he is a 
magnetic monopole and thus attracts everything.  Having cured cancer and 
poverty last year, Boris is turning his efforts this year to the world's 
second greatest evil, the ECE Embedded System curriculum.  Let's hope he 

It's no wonder he won!  To celebrate this victory, we're all going to 
Phi Bar on Wednesday at 9.  There we will eat, drink, and be merry.  If 
all goes well, Genevieve with mouth off to Boris and he'll use his super 
strength to punch her in the face.


This week also starts the a new weekly tradition - The Rick Carley term 
of the week.

This week's Rick Carley term of the week is: Sputtered Nichrome

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