[ECE PhiBar] Eco-Friendly Phi Bar: It's for the Earth, Bitches!

Douglas Robl drobl at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Apr 8 01:55:29 EDT 2008

Hey Everyone,

Given that we probably won't be having a phi bar night next week (due to 
Phi be crowded by rowdy alums), we won't be having another Phi Bar trip 
until after Earth Day.  Therefore, in observance with this great 
holiday, I'm going to declare this Wednesday Eco-Friendly Phi Bar 
night.  The earth, contrary to popular belief is in grave danger and 
desperately needs our help.  Our delicate ecosystem is being plagued by 
mountains of trash, toxic chemicals, and crazy hippies that will try to 
make you feel bad about it.  The time has come for us to do our part.  
This week we will be instituting some one-time rules to show our support 
for the environment.  Rule number 1, no small plastic cups.  Plastic 
cups take up space in landfills and often manage to end up in nature 
preserves or waterways where they have been known to ensnare small 
mammals and dolphins.  Instead of using these cups, we'll be drinking 
directly from the pitcher.  Because this is a little awkward, I'll be 
bringing crazy straws to make things simpler.  This leads us to rule 
number 2, no leftovers.  This celebration is about reducing waste 
whenever possible, and nor relying on other people to do your work for 
you.  Therefore, everyone who comes must get a pitcher, and you must 
finish before your pitcher before you leave.  The response, "I gave some 
to Frezza" is unacceptable unless it has been filtered by your kidneys 
first.  Finally our third rule, no excuses, play like a champion.  
Things such as "I don't like the taste of beer," or "I have to work on 
my 213" or "I have to start my radar homework" or "I'm on cold 
medication" or "I didn't eat dinner tonight" do not count, Laura.

Final note, I personally don't believe that Carbon Dioxide is causing 
global warming, but if you do, drink Guinness because it has less CO2 
and more nitrogen.

See you there, Wednesday at 9,


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