[DANCE] DANCE Annoucements

Carolyn P. Rose cprose at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Jun 15 15:13:27 EDT 2015

Greetings DANCE partners!

We have some exciting happenings in the DANCE group.  First, we had a very 
nice turn out at the Interactive event at CSCL.  You can see photos on our 
Instagram site.  Piotr Mitros joined us for the two session event along 
with about 50 others.  We are still sifting through our notes.

Thursday at 11am EST, 9am PST, 5pm CST we will have our second talk in the 
DANCE online talk series, which is hosted via Google Hangouts on the air. 
You can find the link on our Talk series page.  Here it is for your 

In that talk we will discuss our current development work and how it is 
motivated by our research on discussion in MOOCs and effects on learning 
and retention.

In the mean time, we have begun development on our own discussion Xblock, 
which will include affordances for knowledge building and script based 
support.  We'll be anxious to get your feedback on that.  We plan to 
start a thread soon in our google group for that purpose.

On the main DANCE page, we now have a Resources tab, where you can find 
the set of relevant xBlocks we have been able to locate.  If you know of 
others we have not included or would like to have your own posted, please 
contact us, and we'll be happy to include that work as well.  Out hope is 
that this will become the go to place for resources to support 
collaborative and discussion based learning in MOOCs.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at the talk!

Best wishes,
Carolyn and Oliver

Carolyn Penstein Rose
Associate Professor
Language Technologies Institute and Human-Computer Interaction Institute
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

cprose at cs.cmu.edu
Gates-Hillman Center 5415

President, International Society of the Learning Sciences

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Carolyn Penstein Rose
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