[DANCE] Talk by Marcela Borge and XBlock design document

Oliver Ferschke ferschke at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Jul 16 10:00:30 EDT 2015

Dear DANCE partners,
this is a gentle reminder about tomorrow’s talk by Marcela Borge with the title "Assessment and Feedback on Group Processes: Supporting Self-Directed Learning in Team Based Online Courses”.  You can find an abstract, speaker bio and a link to the hangout on air on the talk website. The talk starts tomorrow at 11.00 EST.


Furthermore, we have just posted a design document for an edX Xblock that will allow different modes of synchronous and asynchronous communication between students and the seamless integration of interventions, assessment and analytics within the edX platform. It already incorporates a lot of the feedback we received from you during the last months, but we invite you to review the document and be as critical about it as possible. You can find both the document and the discussion in our Google group.


Looking forward to a lively discussion after tomorrows talk and in the Google group.

Oliver and Carolyn
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