[DANCE] Reminder: Feedback panel discussion next Tuesday

Oliver Ferschke ferschke at cs.cmu.edu
Fri Dec 18 11:31:29 EST 2015

Dear DANCE partners,

we would like to remind you of the upcoming DANCE feedback panel
discussion on Tuesday, Dec 22 at 4pm EST.

We want to get the critical feedback on our efforts - in particular the
development of our discussion Block.The feedback panel includes Piotr
Mitros from edX and two end users: Eric Klopfer from MIT and Erland
Stevens from Davidson College. As usual, it will be recorded, and
available immediately after through our youtube channel.  See the DANCE
talk page for more information: http://dance.cs.cmu.edu/talks/

We are already lining up speakers for 2016.  On January 28th we will host
Ari Bader-Natal discussing an exciting and innovative online university
program, how it is supported, and how its vision synergizes with our own.

Best wishes and happy holidays,
Oliver and Carolyn

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