auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied

Dan White dwhite at
Sun Mar 7 22:41:34 EST 2010

On 07/03/10 17:32 +0100, ml ml wrote:
>i cant seem to get my saslauth working. Testsaslauth works for my user:
>testsaslauthd -u mario -p test
>0: OK "Success."
>cyradm --user mario --auth login localhost
>IMAP Password:
>              Login only available under a layer at
>/usr/lib/perl5/Cyrus/IMAP/ line 119
>cyradm: cannot authenticate to server with login as mario

That's a Cyrus IMAP specific issue. With default configuration, it does
not allow transmission of a clear text password. You can enable the
'allowplaintext' imapd.conf option to change that behavior, or use a
connection which provides some level of encryption.

>imap[21753]: auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied
>imap[21753]: _sasl_plugin_load failed on sasl_auxprop_plug_init for
>plugin: ldapdb
>cat /etc/imapd.conf
>configdirectory: /var/imap
>partition-default: /var/spool/imap
>admins: cyrus mario
>sasl_mech_list: PLAIN
>sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
>Has anyone an idea why it wants ldapdb here? Why does the authentification fail?

The errors your seeing are spurious, since you're using saslauthd to
authenticate. It's an error indicating that you're missing a required
config option in /etc/imapd.conf - the sasl_ldapdb_uri option.

You can get rid of the error in imapd.conf with:

sasl_auxprop_plugin: sasldb

Or by removing the ldapdb shared library.

Dan White

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