Configuring saslauthd for ldap

Olivier Nicole on at
Thu Jul 23 01:46:56 EDT 2009


> Your log indicates its a TLS negotioation failure. 

This may be missleading as I use SSL, not TLS.

> Does it work if you don't use TLS? 

If I configure without SSL:

   ldap_servers: ldaps://

and release the security on ldap server to accept simple bind on non
ecrypted ports, it works.

> If not, fix that. If it does, increase logging in slapd until you
> see why TLS fails.

If I configure with SSL:

  ldap_servers: ldaps://

it does not work.

It really does puzzle me because so many services already work on ldap
with SSL.

Increasing the debug on LDAP did not bring any new information.



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