Cyrus SASL SQL options

Andreas Winkelmann ml at
Thu Jun 29 06:50:37 EDT 2006

Berger, Stefan (IT - Management) sagte:

> Hi Cyrus User,
> i'am running cyrus imap/sasl with postfix and MySQL for user
> authentification for 2 years. Now, new virtual domains were added and a
> lot of new users have to organize. I want use different mysql tables for
> user data but there is my problem. Is it possible to tell cyrus imap and
> sasl to look in different mysql tables? When yes, can someone post an
> example?

Please explain, where you see the diffrence between Cyrus-Imap and
Cyrus-SASL in accessing a MySQL-Table for "Userdata"?

Maybe you mean Postfix and Cyrus-Imapd?

Then you can separate them in sql_select in smtpd.conf and /etc/imapd.conf.


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