Strange issue with saslauthd

Andreas Winkelmann ml at
Fri Jun 23 15:55:26 EDT 2006

Am Wednesday 21 June 2006 03:05 schrieb Brian Taber:

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> even after it is completely started, if I do a "service saslauthd stop"
> then start it has the same effect.
> I have checked and there is only one version of sasl on the machine.  It
> is a Fedora 5 install, and sasl is from RPM.

Maybe it's time to describe the exact Error. What means "does not recognize" 
exactly? And of course, what Version of Cyrus-SASL is installed?

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> > I have a really strange issue when starting saslauthd.  If it is started
> > at boot time or manually via rc.d, it does not recognize the -r switch
> > (the usernames are email addresses, so I need the username and realm
> > together).  If I start it from the command line with the same exact
> > command, it works fine.  I have tried everything and don't understand
> > why. Any help would be appreciated.


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