new features with no documentation

Partha Susarla partha at
Wed Jun 3 17:44:57 EDT 2020

Hello Anatoli,
On Wed, 3 Jun 2020, at 6:24 PM, Anatoli wrote:
> Cyrus developers,
> What is the purpose/benefit of zeroskip?
Zeroskip is an append-only key-value DB, currently in experimental stage. 

> What is the purpose of chardet and cld2 in cyrus-imapd?
Both the character detection and language detection libraries although are listed in the dependencies, i don't think are being used. But I will let ellie/Ken respond to this.

> Should any be considered in production environments running 3.2 branch?
You can skip installing Zeroskip, as it is not being used in Cyrus-imapd currently. 


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