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Ricardo Signes rjbs at
Mon Aug 17 08:06:36 EDT 2020

On our weekly call this morning, we were talking about moving toward standardizing the format of Cyrus logs.  My interest here is in making it easy for a program to read and classify logs.  That's not as simple as it could be, right now, because often a log line is sprintf-'d with parameters.  Even worse, sometimes those parameters have spaces in them.

I think we all agree on something like this:
 * produce a macro that does the logging in a standard format
 * the format leads with a "category", which is a fixed string
 * extra data to be included show up like auditlog does it:  foo=<x> bar=<y>
 * by using a macro, we can get the location (file, function) from which the log line is being emitted

Next steps:
 * agree on the specifics of the above and that it's the way to log in new code
 * start converting old code (prioritized by value of reading lines from each part of the code)

Further thoughts before we get on to specifics?

Ricardo Signes (rjbs)
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