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Mon Aug 3 07:43:19 EDT 2020

Minutes from this week's Cyrus dev call.  If we keep ending early, I can keep sending them immediately following the meeting! :)

 * Ken:
   * Where to store quotas for UUID mailboxes?
     * quota should stay with user during rename, so either needs to be by uuid or be transactional with rename; start at the leaf, walk up mailboxes to find quota; look at domain if none found
     * can put the quota file right in the folder (for non-domain quotaroots)
     * can we get rid of quotalegacy?
   * testing of uuid mailboxes on FM VM began, now Ken will be building new Fm
   * Updating JMAP Sieve spec and hope to get it posted as JMAP WG doc this week
   * …and some refactoring of DAV delete code, which has gotten a bit out of hand
 * Bron:
   * sync replication: Bron has put a star next to it.  TWO STARS!
   * Going to change reconnection and ping logic for the indexer such that it handles transient errors more easily.
     * right now squatter is pinging the indexer every time, can fail hard if no good
     * bron will change to “just try it and if it fails, retry” — fewer pings, better recovery from transient error
   * rjbs asks whether Melbourne shift at Fm learned more about the high CPU use of Tika?
     * bron: we can always restart it once an hour once we have retry in place
     * rsto: we can use JMX to investigate what it’s doing, tune the VM if that’s the issue
     * current theory: it’s some bogus message
   * big reindex of Fm users continues apace
 * ellie
   * a bunch of new 3.2 issues have arisen since last meeting; new tests, framework work
   * next week’s away time moved to October
 * rsto
   * IETF last week, of course
   * doing some misc. bug fixing
   * working on sec’y mode and inbox role for jmap calendars
   * scheduling default calendar is now protected and movable (thanks Ken!)
   * implementing inbox role on calendars introduces same problem we have in mailboxes: ordering now matters
   * sec’y mode: should be a matter of just setting some cyrus setting properly
   * rjbs: aren’t we already in secretary mode in Fastmail?
     * yes, because the Perl middleware is setting this by default
     * see
   * rjbs will learn more about calendar-address-set’s behavior here -
 * IETF notes, if any:
   * bron has to finish polishing minutes from CodiMD from his 3 chaired sessions
   * mnot proposed an HTTP API WG, which seems interesting and useful
   * no new work from JMAP and EXTRA?
     * maybe we add S/MIME validator sometime?
     * we’ll probably do the quota work
     * we’ll probably implement all of IMAP4rev2 at some point

Ricardo Signes (rjbs)
CTO, Fastmail
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