time for cyrus-imap v3.2?

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Tue Nov 5 16:20:10 EST 2019

On Wed, Nov 6, 2019, at 03:44, Anatoli via Cyrus-devel wrote:
> Hi All!
> Bron, for deployments I manage these issues are also important:

First of all - thanks for writing this up. It really helps!

> * #1763 (Backups for SMB (lock entire server for a moment while taking a
> snapshot)). Don't know if there was any progress on this. Basically, a
> short (milliseconds to a few seconds) global write lock is needed on all
> data structures.

This is not easy unfortunately with all the different datastructures, because it means that everything else which takes a lock is going to need to first take a global shared lock before it does anything else, and that's going to have a performance and complexity impact on everything - because you have to find them ALL or you might wind up with lock inversions down the line.

> * #1765 (Move SNMP out from master into a separate daemon) and related
> pending PR #2100. Ellie had significant progress on this, don't know
> what's blocking it, but this issue basically blocks any further work on
> privilege separation like chroot as the main process should retain root
> while running and the forked children should proceed with setuid & chroot.

Good point - this is something the Greg was close to having done many years ago, but we're not using snmp so it hasn't caused us stress. Happy to put that on the consideration list for 3.2.

The downside of making the list of tasks for 3.2 really long is that it could block releasing something which is otherwise still a good improvement over 3.0 and not a regression... *sigh*. But this one will be a good win, so let's do it!

> * #2373 (Shared xDAV (CalDAV/CardDAV) resources are not discoverable).
> Dilyan Palauzov sent a diff for this in the github repo and there was a
> discussion with Ken on possible implementations (shared xDAV resources):
> https://lists.andrew.cmu.edu/pipermail/cyrus-devel/2018-May/004263.html.
> I guess it had enough progress to try to close it.

Labeled. I'm keen to have an answer to it somehow or other.

> * #2372 ([FR] ACL on autocreate folders). Basically, for automatic
> "anyone p" ACL in plus+addressing folders.

Yep - labeled. OK, the hard bit here isn't implementing (as ellie pointed out) - it's design. We want to make sure we create an interface that people can keep using reliably into the future. I'll have a chat with ellie about this one.

> And there are 46 open PRs in the repo. Maybe they could be reviewed and
> merged too?

Yeah, maybe! Frustratingly the next couple of Cyrus call times aren't going to work for me, I've got a 7am Melbourne time meeting next Tuesday, then I'll be in Singapore for IETF where the Cyrus meeting time is 5am.

One downside of pretty much everyone involved in direct Cyrus development being at Fastmail is that we discuss a lot of things in our private slack channel or internal mailing lists where we don't have to be quite so careful about stripping anything that could identify an internal customer... but it does create an impression that there's less happening than you'd otherwise see... and I haven't even posted the meeting minutes recently because they've been taken into a Dropbox paper doc and then langished there :( Sorry.



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