Does squatter retry on transient errors (xapian)?

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Tue May 21 08:10:17 EDT 2019

On Tue, May 21, 2019, at 18:56, Dilyan Palauzov wrote:
> Hello,
> says:
> The process is as follows:
> 5. if the xapianactive file has changed, discard all our work (we lock 
> against this, but it's a sanity check) and exit
> Does squatter exit with an error message in this case, and has to be 
> started again, or does it retry automatically, until it successes?

No, it just keeps going. It will syslog something about the failure, but a compact failure is generally considered to be not a bad thing.

> What means “indexing”? -T can be passed to squatter only in compact 
> mode, and is a directory for temporary files. But the documentation 
> says, this directory is used when “indexing”. How big is the data 
> stored there? Lets say if tier A allocates K MB for its data, and 
> tier B allocates L MB for the data, is during compacting of A and B 
> approximately K+L MBs used in the temporary directory?

It doesn't work like that - you don't allocate a particular amount of space for each tier. The space used in -T during a single compact is roughly the sum of the database sizes of the databases which are being compacted together. I expect the documentation could be made more clear here.


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