Notes 20 May

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon May 20 07:36:03 EDT 2019

Present: Bron, Robert, Ken, ellie

Bron in Vienna with Robert!

* now has proper internet after many months of unreliable provider issues!
* not much else to report

* libical and multi-value parameters/properties discussion (there's a FastMail issue about it)
 - what's the expected behaviour on the client side?
 - not a blocker right now, but has been allocated over from Robert to Ken
* Mailbox/get handling of ACL changes
 - this is long and complex because it requires keeping modseq per ACL entry, so it's a mailboxes.db format change
 - will work on that this week
* did some bugfixing last week
* nearly finished with vacation support
 - might have to go back to forcing user to include the vacation script, because otherwise STOP rules will mean that vacation doesn't happen.
 - plan is to parse active script and check if our custom jmapvacation.script is included - if not, reject the vacation object.
 - we're using :fcc at FastMail, may need to add a custom extension to allow setting that via JMAP.
 - current spec doesn't have a way to specify how many days to suppress responses for -> will need to fall back to server default. Could also add this in FM extension, but it's odd that it's not supported in upstream.
 - addresses: how to know it was specifically addressed to you rather than a bulk email. Maybe need to add Identity support to Cyrus too! Right now it only returns authenticated ID. Maybe add a property to INBOX with a list of email addresses!
 - One per identity. Probably uuid as the key.
* promised to write a draft for discovery of shared calendars before next week.

* Finally landed Xapian language indexing on upstream master
* Spent a lot of time on JSCalendar RFC based on feedback from the mailing list
* Now started working on annotations API changes. Will be working on this for the next week.

* working on caching jmap objects in the dav database.

Bron won't be available at the standard time next week, but will be around working.

 Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
 brong at

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